“From generations past to the present we recognize that all artists have made a difference in our lives and shaping our community. For nearly 60 years, we know that the Cleveland Arts Prize has made a difference to those who have been awarded this special honor. It is extended to emerging artists, mid career artists and lifetime dedication to excellence. The Cleveland Arts Prize needs your support to continue its mission. The funds provided by your donation have a direct relationship to the dollar amount of awards we are able to provide to qualified individuals. Whatever you are able to contribute will help insure that artists in Northeast Ohio continued to be recognized and honored. Remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible.”


Barbara Robinson (CAP 2001)

Cleveland Arts Prize

Emeritus Trustee


100% Tax Deductible Donation -Annual Fund Campaign







Contribute to the ENDOWMENT

In 1985, under the leadership of Martha Joseph, an endowment was

created through the generosity of:

  • The Lucile and Robert H. Gries Charity Fund
  • The George Gund Foundation
  • Kulas Foundation
  • The Treuhaft Fund of the Cleveland Foundation


We encourage you to perpetuate the prize by contributing to the

Cleveland Arts Prize Annual Artists Prize Fund.

Annual Fund 2016 Contributors: Thank You Donors!

CONNOISSEUR $2,500-$4,999   |   COTERIE $1,000-$2,499   |   PATRON $500-$999   |   DONOR $1-$499

  •   Connoisseur


     Mike and Annie Belkin


  •   Coterie

    Francine & Jules Belkin Philanthropic Fund

    Michael Belkin

    George and Becky Dunn Charitable Fund

    Howard Freedman & Rita Montlack

    Alan Glazen

    Deborah Glosserman

    Jack and Mary Ann Katzenmeyer

    Jewish Federation of Cleveland

    Ji Kim

    Stewart A. and Donna Kohl

    Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation

    Robert & Yan Maschke, FAIA, CAP 2011

    Patricia & Charles Mintz Philanthropic Fund


    Playhouse Square Foundation(Cindy Katzenmeyer)

    Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund

    Diane and Lewis Schwartz

    Schwab Charitable

    Kim Sherwin

    Tom Welsh

  •   Patron

    Parry Daiuto

    Kathy Futey

    Pamela Gill

    Bettyann Helms

    Kathryn Karipides

    Christopher & Dr. Gaylee McCracken

    Medical Mutual of Ohio

    Kristin S.M. Morrison

    Debbie & John Voso, Jr.

    Fidelity Charitable(Terri & Ron Weinberg)

    H. Scott Westover

  •   Donor


    Leslie Adams(CAP 2015)

    Robert Bajko

    Camille Nanita Baron

    Marcie Bergman & Alan Ross

    Jack Alan Bialosky, Jr.

    Charles P. Bolton

    The Bonfoey Gallery

    Stephen Bucchieri

    Kenneth & Polly B. Burns

    William Busta & Joan L. Tomkins(CAP 2004)

    David & Linda Cerone

    Laurence & Susan Channing(CAP 2000/2007)

    Jim & Lisa Chriszt

    Jim Cirillo

    Gale & John Clarry

    Kristen Cliffel

    Paula B. Coakley & Thomas Miller(In honor of Debbi Glosserman)

    Michael & Bonnie Cole

    Richard & Diane Collier

    Dorsky + Yue International, LLC

    John Dyer

    Brian N. Edelstein

    Deena Epstein

    Ms. Karen Eterovich-Maguire(In memory of Anthony Eterovich)



    John Ewing(CAP 1995)

    Greta Fifner & Dan Petricig

    Barry & Sam Gabel

    Charles Herndon Galleries

    Peter L. & Barbara Galvin Family Philanthropic Fund

    Robert D. & Sally Gries

    Tom & Kirsten Hagesfeld

    Mary Louise Hahn(CAP 2010)

    Aaron G. Hill, AIA

    Marguerite B. Humphrey

    Dewitt's Jewelry

    Jewish Federation of Cleveland

    KeyBank Foundation

    Judson Kline, AIA

    Ursula Korneitchouk

    Maribeth Lekas

    Michelangelo Lovelace(CAP 2015)

    Libby Lubinger

    Louise W. Mackie

    Ryan Marrie

    A.J. Maschke, Jr.

    Sally Matia

    Ted & Judith McMillian

    Stanley & Barbara Meisel

    Mark & Beth Milstein


    Paula Mindes

    Malou & Fred Monago

    Dan & Marge Moore

    Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek(CAP 2009)

    Richard & Pat Myers(CAP 2014)

    Deborah Neale

    Amie S. Albert & Diana R. Petrauskas

    Gloria Plevin

    Julia & Larry Pollock

    Tim & Jen Powers

    Rick Rennell

    Bob & Carolyn Rose

    Judith Salomon(CAP 1995)

    Shelly Roth & Bruce Schwartz

    Barbara & John Schubert

    Marilyn Shrude & John Sampen

    Dorothy Silver

    Ross Duffin & Beverly Simmons(In honor of Lewis & Diane Schwartz)

    Howie Smith

    Meg Stanton

    Frances P. Taft

    Sarah & Phillip Taylor

    Paul Vincent

    Debbie & John Voso, Jr.

    Meredith & Michael Weil, Jr.



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