Honors & Awards

Discipline Prizes Prizes in the Disciplines awarded in: Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Design, Theatre & Dance

Emerging Artist Award $10,000
Two emerging prizes are awarded to two artists currently living, or who have resided, worked or trained in Northeast Ohio who show remarkable promise and have created significant work or projects.

Mid-Career Artists Award $10,000
Two mid-career prizes are awarded to artists who have received national recognition in addition to regional and local acclaim and have resided in Northeast Ohio.

Lifetime Achievement Award $10,000
One lifetime achievement prize is awarded to an artist who has worked in Northeast Ohio over several decades and whose career and achievements have brought great distinction to himself and the region.


Special PrizeS

Robert P. Bergman Prize
The Cleveland Arts Prize Committee created the Robert P. Bergman Prize to acknowledge and applaud those rare leaders whose life and work are illuminated by an energetic and inspiring dedication to a democratic vision of the arts. Thus, the Bergman Prize is given to an individual whose life and activities communicate the joys, excitement and deep human relevance of the arts to broad segments of the Northeast Ohio community. The Bergman Prize recognizes the highest possible expression of arts stewardship.

Martha Joseph Prize for Distinguished Service to the Arts
This prize will be awarded annually to an individual or an organization that because of exceptional commitment, vision, leadership or philanthropy has made a significant contribution to the vitality and stature of the arts in Northeast Ohio. This contribution may be made through the conception and implementation of innovative arts events and programs; through the demonstration of visionary and/or strategic arts leadership; through extraordinary acts of arts patronage or arts advocacy; through dedicated and inspiring teaching; through the sensitive and effective nurturing of artistic talent; or through superb performance and/or mastery in an arts discipline.

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